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Illustrated Maps

Bespoke illustrated maps and site plans are our specialty! We’ve had many years of experience to perfect our craft, creating these for country houses, gardens and visitor attractions.
Colour Heroes will ensure your bespoke products stand out because of our attention to detail. This is especially important for your tailor-made products, including illustrated maps, trails and guides. Our team take time to make certain your site is accurately and clearly represented. We work in a huge range of styles to ensure you stand out from the crowd and fully engage with your visitors.
Our designers will create highly detailed, realistic illustrations of your site, perfect for bespoke printed leaflets, guidebooks and signage. If you would like us to create your resource our team will organise a visit to discuss your ideas. If you only need an illustrated map to add to your website, or other printed resources – we can also offer that. Is your site a family friendly activity? Perhaps you’re looking  for more of an illustrated play trail, click here ->> Illustrated trails for more examples of this style of work.
Why not incorporate your map or trail as part of an activity pack, or activity book? This will encourage even more interaction with your site from your family visitors.
Need bespoke illustrated maps for a seasonal event such as an Easter hunt or Christmas wonderland? Check out our seasonal work, because all our work is made in the UK we can accommodate some shorter deadlines, get in touch if you’d like to discuss.
Have a peek at some of the bespoke work we’ve created for clients recently and contact us to have a chat about the different styles we can create.

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