5 Reasons to Embrace Halloween in all its Gory Glory for Children and Families with our Activity Sheets

5 Reasons to Embrace Halloween in all its Gory Glory for Children and Families with our Activity Sheets

Yay Halloween! One reason to look forward to the clocks changing and dark nights, Halloween represents a night of trick-or-treating, spooky pumpkin patches, dressing up and – what could be better? – free sweets. It’s great all ‘round: for adults, for kids, for families and for you!

  • Why should my business “do” Halloween?
  • For those who aren’t familiar with this particular holiday’s history, Halloween is the modern name for an ancient tradition that originated as a Celtic harvest festival called Samhain. On this night the border between the worlds of the living and the dead blurred, allowing ghosts to roam the earth for one night. When Christians started celebrating All Saints’ Day on 1 November, the night before, named All Hallows’ Eve, became Halloween.  

    1. Calendar is key when attracting families
    Everyone knows how hard it is to entertain kids for more than three minutes. That’s why the Internet was invented, right? To check what there is to do at weekends and half term. Give families a thrill when they see your event listed on the usual social-media suspects (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Boost your visitor numbers with great value entertainment and high-impact activity sheets which increase dwell time and secondary spend.

    1. An event with guts – Halloween is a season-ending highlight
    Increase your earning opportunities by putting on a half-term, Halloween-themed event to mark the beginning of winter. As there is meant to be a scare-factor, you can really shake things up, surprising your usual visitors with a completely different look that will keep them coming back year after year and attracting new visitors.

    1. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em
    It’s a simple-but-true fact that the popularity of Halloween is on the rise. It’s the third-biggest retail event (after Christmas and Easter) with a mind-blowing £320 million spent on pumpkins, fancy dress and confectionary in Britain last year.  We want you to have a bite of the cherry, so make your event stand out with lots of value-added offerings, including our Halloween activity sheets and packs.  

    1. Children’s activity sheets are beneficial to kids’ development
    Firstly, as the market leader in children’s activity sheets, we know a thing or two about paper-based resources.  Using ‘old-fashioned’ worksheets and colouring sheets has many benefits for our kids’ psychological and physical progress. ‘Where,’ you ask, ‘in a world of gamification and e-learning, is there room for physical anything?’ ‘Good question,’ I say.  Our sophisticated, family-oriented worksheets that require coordination and focus to complete, which contributes to kids’ development. Secondly, our multi-layered approach stimulates creativity and understanding for 4-11 year olds. We research and carefully consider each activity we add, designing our children’s activity sheets with dexterity, imagination, structure and improving children’s self-esteem in mind. 

    1. Optimise your site’s potential
    As a home-grown, family company we are passionate about educating and supporting children’s creativity. We’ve had to embrace change and innovate as kids become more sophisticated and technologically savvy. We feel that as our customers have embraced Halloween as an opportunity to create an end-of-season event, we want to support you to give your visitors added value with our children’s activity sheets. As well as adding a new dimension to your already successful events, we grow family participation and help build memories for your customers, positively contributing to dwell time, secondary spend, return visits, referrals and income for your site.  


    If you feel like discussing how to stimulate and enthral your audience, please give us a buzz. As a fresh pair of eyes, we can offer solutions you may not have seen. We’re not at all scary!

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