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How does the process work?
Use our 7 step plan to get you started:
1. Call us and talk to us about your ideas.
2. Once we have visited you, or had a chat on the phone, we’ll send you a quote.
3. After agreeing your budget we’ll send you a proposed page content, which you can amend. Then we will research and write your text for you. Or if you prefer you can send your own text.
4. Happy with the text? Brilliant! Now we’ll create a rough visual of your job if it’s needed for you to approve.
5. Next, the exciting bit! We create the final artwork and you receive your first pdf proof.
6. After you’ve tweaked it a bit you approve the pdf and we send you a Printer’s hard copy proof for your final sign-off.
7. Once you’ve approved the Printer’s proof we check your job on press and let you know when to expect delivery.
What do I need to do to start the process of creating a product with you?
Simply call us and discuss your ideas. We will provide you with a quote and tell you exactly what resources we need, depending on the amount of work you need us to do.
What if I only want a small quantity, say a hundred copies?
That’s fine. Digital print is perfect for you and you will still have a great looking product with the same attention to detail and high quality illustrations etc. The only thing to remember is that the economies of scale may not work for you, as the set-up costs of producing high quality work are all invested in your first print run. However, a small print run can be the best way of gaining feedback from your audience and together we can work on your product to improve and develop it over time, so that it really is the best that it can be before committing to a larger print run.
I don’t see an illustration style that suits my visual language.
No problem. If you have seen something you like in a book, on an interpretation board or simply have an idea in your head, bring it to the table and we will make some ‘rough visuals’ for you. It’s fun and a welcome challenge and a great feeling when we get it right for you!
How long will it take?
Depending on our workflow and the time you need to approve each stage, it takes about 5 working days to create an A4 two-sided, full colour activity sheet from scratch and around 6 weeks to create an A4, 20 page activity book in full colour. Needless to say if you require something urgently we will pull all of the stops out for you and meet your deadline, as well as exceeding your expectations.
Who owns the copyright?
The copyright is owned by Colour Heroes on all of the work we produce and you can be sure we will never reproduce your work without your permission. Once we have completed your project, the illustrations can be used by you, but we do ask you to let us know in advance if you are planning to do this. We are always happy to re-size, cut-out or supply images so that you can use them on other materials.
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